Time Space And Drums Admin

Stephen Hawkins loves the coincidence that one of his heroes, the late great Stephen Hawking, shared a similar name and interests. It's only fitting that Stephen Hawking was known as the Master of Time and Author Stephen Hawkins is a master of Time and Space which is exactly what drumming is all about. Stephen Hawkins strongly believes that all drummers should become their own master of time and space. His motto is "Master the art of leaving space then the things you play in time become great".

Stephen was born in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK and has lived in the UK all of his life. By age 20 was working alongside some of the biggest names in British show business--the exact people he aspired to work for as a professional drummer. People such as Paul Daniels, Bobby Davro, Les Dennis, The Three Degrees, Susan Maughan just to name a few. He hopes to teach and inspire a whole new generation of passionate drummers.

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